Hello! My name is

Yusuf Sait Canbaz

I'm a scientific research engineer and MS candidate at i-Vis Research Lab at Bilkent University.


Scientific Research Engineer Mar 2019 - Now
i-Vis Research Lab Ankara,Turkey

Graph Visualization JavaScript Typescript HTML CSS Angular Cytoscape.js Neo4j Java Graph Database Cypher Query Language Heroku Git Docker
Working on building highly-customizable, generic, and, modular graph visualization tools.
At the front-end, We work with typescript, javascript, angular, and, cytoscape.js. I use and develop many Cytoscape.js extensions. I spend lots of time with Angular to make a modular and maintainable architecture.
At the backend, I used Neo4j as a graph database. Usually, we directly communicate with Neo4j database using HTTP requests. I write lots of Cypher code for querying Neo4j databases. To implement some custom graph algorithms, I developed Neo4j User-Defined procedures in Java.
It is very unique to work as an engineer in a research lab. It is very satisfying for me to make performance of algorithms or software better. It is very nice to see that academic studies don't just stay on paper. They are implemented and used by big companies in real life because they are helpful, they increase our capabilities. Also, I really like to build aesthetically pleasing user interfaces and a good user experience.

R&D Engineer Jun 2018 - Mar 2019
Sestek Ankara,Turkey

C# .NET entity framework IIS Windows Services ExtJS JavaScript MS-SQL PostgreSQL multithreading Full-text search git TFS
Worked as a full-stack web developer. Solved many bugs related to back-end, front-end, and database. Built database synchronizations for large and continuous data.
It is very nice to work with databases of hundreds of gigabytes. It is a valuable experience to work with big projects. It is motivating to work with many hardworking developers. Also, it is energizing to co-operate with international customers.

Software Engineer Sep 2017 - Jun 2018
Etgi group Ankara,Turkey

C# JavaScript ASP.NET firebase real-time database NoSql angular.js Android Java iOS Swift MS-SQL TFS Microsoft Azure Zoom API
Developed an angularjs real-time chat module using firebase real-time database. Developed basic android and ios apps. Coded API client for Zoom API. Maintain/develop the existing system.
It is hard to start your career as a remote developer because you can't communicate effectively to solve your problems. It is also hard for a new graduate to work in a start-up because there aren't many people you can learn from. Of course, my colleagues helped me but I should say that I do things under my own steam. I utilized stackoverflow and also I started to use it effectively. I could say that I learned to not fear new technologies. I didn't master skills but I experienced variety of things such as MS-SQL databases, NoSql databases, mobile development with Android Studio and Xcode, gulp, azure technologies, etc...

Summer Intern Jun 2016 - Sep 2016
Fraunhofer IIS Erlangen,Germany

C# WPF Tortoise SVN C++ C++/CLI
Developed an extension for ZEN (microscope software). This extension uses image processing libraries of Fraunhofer and integrates them to ZEN. The algorithms are used to analyze images of lamella microscope slides.
For me, it is a nice experience to work in abroad. My supervisor and my setup were very helpful and amazing.

Summer Intern Jun 2015 - Sep 2015
Etgi group Ankara,Turkey

C# Xamarin JavaScript angular.js
Developed basic mobile apps with Xamarin. Also worked with JavaScript and angular.js in small tasks in web development.


sample image

A web-based, general-purpose math calculator. Aims ultimate user-friendliness on real-life calculations. Free, ads-free, and, open-source.

sample image

Graph visualization and exploration software. Leverages cytoscape.js and provides rich and customized graph visualizations. Aims ultimate complexity management, customization, and user-friendliness.

sample image
Contra Color

For a given color, find a contrasting color (not optimal).

sample image
Map of World

A simple game to teach the countries and cities of the world. Originally developed as Windows 8 app, converted to a web app.

sample image

Python implementation of the paper "A study on wrist identification for forensic investigation"


Free, ad-free, open-source, and sleek Muslim Praying Times app.

Sudoku Solver

Implementation of Peter Norvig's sudoku solving and backtracking algorithms in java.

sample image
Jumper Ball

A simple avoid falling objects game made with Unity.

sample image

Famous Pong game made with libGDX.

sample image
Smart Bird

A clone of the famous flappy bird game made with libGDX.


Bilkent University 2017 - 2021
Master of Science, Computer Science, 3.21

I focused on graph visualization and machine learning. Most of the classes were about machine learning. It was hard to work in the industry and take classes at the same.

Bilkent University 2012 - 2017
Bachelor's Degree, Computer Science, 3.26

First-year, I was at the School of English Language. Next 4 years, I was on engineering faculty. I tried to learn various subjects on computer science and engineering as much as possible. I attended most of the classes. I also take lots of online classes from different sources. I did many small projects to get my hands dirty with software engineering.




About me

I was born in Ankara, in 1994. Then my family and I lived in Bingöl, Solhan for 5 years. Then for most of my life, I lived in Ankara. My mother is from Isparta. My father is from Çankırı. I have little bit mixed origins.
I have ambitious and a bit moody character. I'm a muslim. I like sports like football, basketball and, tennis. I like gardening and spending time in nature. I like building useful software. I like to build things that are appreciated and used by people (at least I can appreciate my-self ;).
I like to watch documentaries. I like sci-fi, action, and, drama.
I like listening to instrumental and solo piano music.
Here I left you Interstellar Theme (Oud cover) by Ahmed Alshaiba.

A priceless tomato
A priceless tomato

Any food that comes out of the soil is simply unbelievable.

A very beautiful and wild plateau
Kırkpınar, Çankırı

A very beautiful and wild plateau in Çankırı, Turkey.

Me working
That's me

I'm working.

The cat

That's our cat Paşa. He might look cute but he thinks he is a tiger.